Reviews & Comments:

Publishing is a highly competitive business and many fine books, beloved by eager editors,  never find a home. As a "dark" book that didn't clearly fit into an existing genre, In Wilderness had at least two strikes against it. Below are excerpts from some of the more than 25 email rejections it received before finding a home with editor Kate Miciak at Random House.

  • "Creative and haunting." – Little, Brown
  • "Fascinating, dangerous and well-drawn." – Norton
  • "A powerful read." – Little, Brown, UK
  • "Loved it, couldn't put it down." – Simon and Schuster
  • "A beautifully written novel." – Viking
  • "A stunningly good writer." – Bloomsbury
  • "I was riveted, completely enclosed in the world she created." – HarperCollins
  • "Incredibly original. Very erotic." – Penguin
  • "What a rollercoaster of a ride!" – Grove/Atlantic
  • "Exquisitely evoked, complex and beautiful. This book is wonderful." – Henry Holt

Finally, from the editor who took it, came a message of acceptance humbling in its praise: 

"This novel was everything you promised—gloriously poetic, stunningly dark, breathtakingly original. LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR meets THE ORCHARDIST meets COLD MOUNTAIN meets Susan Minot's EVENING meets D.H. Lawrence's WOMEN IN LOVE, with a little of THE THINGS THEY CARRIED thrown in, in the event the reader isn't knocked breathless enough already...."