Reviews & Comments:

"Thomas writes with richness, describing the natural world as viscerally as she does the interior lives of these two intense characters. The wilderness around them is shaped by their perceptions, even as it holds out the promise of healing. VERDICT: Recommended for readers who also like the raw, honest writing of Amy Bloom or Amanda Coplin." -- Library Journal

"Thomas has written a gripping novel powered by genuine suspense and driven forward by two characters whose lives readers cannot look away from. A memoriable story of an isolated, beautiful place and of two people trying to make sense of the world they have chosen to live in." -- Booklist

"Thomas writes hauntingly of obsession and survival in this dark, unusual love story....As she moves her characters through the seasons of 1966, 1967, and 1968, she offers a deep and unforgettable look at how tragedy and madness can shape lives. Written from the points of veiw of the two suffering people, the story takes on an almost surreal, lyrical quality. Riveting and raw." -- Publishers Weekly